Summary from the Application Filed with the US Patent Office
The digital camera is equipped with sensitive electronics. The
Functionally, the digital camera equipped
with an embodiment of the digital camera
lens guard and use extender compares
with the more expensive models. The
embodiment concentrates on enhancing
the capacities of the digital camera and
protecting its electronics.

With different size adapter rings at the ends
of the primary ring of the embodiment, a
significant number of camera filters can be
used. Obsolete and old camera filters are
given new life because they can be used
again. With proper adaptations, lenses from other camera models may now be used
with the digital camera.

In conjunction with telescopes, binoculars, microscopes and other sighting devices, the
digital camera can serve as a tool in industrial applications. More photo opportunities
become available for the digital camera user because of the expanded capacities
provided by sighting devices.
Aside from being used as industrial tool, the digital camera
can now be used in other applications like law enforcement,
crowd monitoring, event reporting, safety applications,
research, and fast sports. Moreover, the embodiment of the
digital camera lens guard and use extender can be used on
different camera brands and models. Consequently,
investment in expensive equipments is postponed or skipped
entirely for a while.
chance of the digital camera being damaged due to the entry of dust, moisture, and
other contaminations into the lens area is minimized with the use of the embodiment of
the digital camera lens guard and use extender. Physical damage to the digital camera
due to being dropped, bumped, and hit is also minimized.

The digital camera remains portable despite the addition of the ring that comes with the
camera mount assembly.
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Digital Camera Lens Guard and Use Extender - Patent No. 9,300,847